The Cave

The cave is a workshop, makerspace and a place to relax. Are you interested in electronics? In the evening after work would you like to create something that you can touch? Do you want to meet other like-minded people? How about learning something new? And most importantly - do you want to have fun?

I Do!

Our offer

Equipped workshop

Complete equipment for soldering and creation of printed circuits. Drillpress, welder and other tools.


Basic components included in entry fee. And advanced ones in stock as well.

Knowledge sharing

We organize trainings and workshops. We will help you if you hit a snag.


We will organize an unforgettable teambuilding for your company.

Meeting room

Do you want to host your own workshop and do not know where? Use our fully equipped meeting room.

Good location

Great availability by public transport - near Náměstí Míru a I. P. Pavlova


Pay per entry means it''s best to stay in the workshop for the whole opening hours (between 6pm and 10pm, contact us for other times).

Your first visit is free!

400 CZK

1 entry

700 CZK

2 entries
350 CZK / per entry

1200 CZK

4 entries
300 CZK / per entry

2000 CZK

8 entries
250 CZK / per entry

3200 CZK

16 entries
200 CZK / per entry

It is possible to purchase entries as a gift!


Do you want to drop by and look around? Or you already have a project to build? Please book your visit in advance. We will send you confirmation via email.


Please contact us or book a date before going to the workshop. We are not there every day.

The Cave s.r.o, IČ: 058 44 185
Jana Masaryka 150/43, 120 00 Praha
Spisová značka C 271817 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze
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